|| Rates

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Rates are as follows but are subject to change so please check fee’s at time booking.

Rates are currently being updated.

Discounts are available.


Potential Clients – please IM me directly as any IM’s are sent to email – or       alternatively email me: TempestRosca@gmail.com or at the ‘About Me’ page on this site.

  1. I’m UK based, therefore, GMT+8 hrs SLT – Mostly available between 12pm and 3.30pm SLT weeknights – weekends vary. Times may change depending on RL however, I will always try and give clients as much notice as possible
  2. Clients must have their outfit fully styled and ready for the picture -I will offer styling advise if required at no extra cost to the client.
  3. Pictures can be taken either in a studio or on location – one of which may be my home sim.
  4. Theme style picture are available ie. Fantasy and location will be found  to accommodate and compliment the theme. However, clients must discuss with me initially to go through requirements.
  5. All poses will be provided for, however if the client wishes to bring own  poses to the shoot then this is not a problem.
  6. Single and Couple poses offered to clients can be of mature (tasteful erotic) nature as well as PG – however, these need to be discussed before the photoshoot. (examples are available, pls enquire).

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