#593-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Just beachy….

Belt Up, Betty! Just beachy...“I need vitamin sea!”

Taken at the simply breathtaking NORDERNEY


#581-“BELT UP, BETTY!: Play hard…

Belt Up, Betty! Play hard..
“Work hard, play hard!”

#560-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Want me?

Belt Up, Betty! Want me?“You know I want you, It’s not a secret I try to hide”

#558-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Up to no good…

Belt Up, Betty! No good...
“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”

Thank you again to the gorgeous Gracey for posing with me – as always giggles occurred (lots of them!) !!

Check out Gracey’s blog HERE

Moi is Wearing –


  • Nose Ring – (Yummy) – Diamond Flower Nose Ring
  • Necklace – (Yummy) – Spring Bouquet Necklace
  • Rings – (Yummy) – Stella Rings

Gracey is  Wearing


Pic taken at Mother Road – Mirage Motel 66

#518-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Wrapped up…

Belt Up, Betty! Wrapped up...“Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle!”

#508-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Enlighten me…

Belt Up, Betty! Enlighten me...“Educate, enlighten and inspire”


  • “Denim Fur” by GABRIEL
  • “Ripped Pants” from SCARS
  • Lycan” hair from EXILE
  • Flint” from SORGO



#506-“BELT UP, BETTY! Deep regret…

Belt Up, Betty! Deep regret...“Risk everything, fear nothing, have no regrets”