#589-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Provocative…

Belt Up, Betty! Provocative...“Clever as the devil and twice as pretty!” 


#335: “BELT UP, BETTY!”: Sacrifice…

Belt Up, Betty! Sacrifice

“You should never sacrifice three things: Your Heart, Your Dignity, Your Family”

#304-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Darkness Falls..

Belt Up, Betty! Darkness...“So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing”  T  S Elliot

Huge thank you to my great friend Lawrence for posing with this – check out his Blog : Pryce Perspective

Picture taken at fabulous Ironwood Hills

#262-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Rescue me……!

Belt Up, Betty! Rescue Me !“Rescue me, Come on and take my heart, Take your love and conquer every part”

#224-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Wishful…

Belt Up, Betty! Wishful..

“There’s nothing wrong with making that wish”