#128 – “BELT UP, BETTY!” AHOY…

Belt Up, Betty! Ahoy!“Always take the scenic route!”

||  *New* from Lush by Coco for Ferosh SS15 – || Lush by Coco

||  Necklace by Empyrean Forge – Lir’s Charm– ||MP – Empyrean Forge

Have a boat/yacht and want a specialised skin/texture for it? Then check out in ‘Sinplicity’ on MP – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/145736


#106 – “Belt Up, Betty!”: Gossip..

 Belt Up, Betty! Gossip..“Gossip is what no one claims to like, but everyone enjoys!”  Joseph Conrad

On Tempest (R):

  • ||  Coat:  *NEW* ND Overcoat from Lush by Coco @ The Couturier’s Docks – || The Couturier’s Dock
  • ||  Hair:  *NEW* Chloe from enVOGUE – || enVOGUE
  • ||  Skin:  *NEW* Simone from Deesses @ The Gacha Mania – || Gatcha Mania
  • ||  Eyeshadow:  *NEW* Salome from Deesee @ The Gacha Mania – || Gatcha Mania
  • ||  Bag:  *NEW* Foxy Night Fur from [F]oil – || [F]oil

On Ande (Left)

#104-“Belt Up, Betty!”: Day Trip..


||  Lush by Coco“Life is like a day trip, enjoy each day but don’t take any baggage!”

Lush By CoCo has a limited Edition Bazaar at the Main Store. Lots of old faves that didn’t sell during the event it debuted in are available for sale. To sweeten the Pot, Lush debuts a Three Piece Look of cropped sweater, short coat, and trousers. This Three Piece Look is retailed at $600ls, on sale at the Limited Edition Bazaar for $300ls. That’s half off!

  • ||  Glasses and Bag:  [F]oil- Arch Moo Readers and *NEW*  Foxy Night Fur Clutch-  || [F]oil
  • ||  Earrings and Ring: *NEW* Denmark from Elysium @ L’accessoires – || L’accessoires

||  Lush by Coco


# 91 – “Belt Up, Betty!”: Angel..

||  Lush by Coco

“I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love”  Marilyn Monroe

  • || Dress – *NEW* Bust in Noir from Lush by Coco – || LushbyCoCo
  • || Skin:  Devine II *NEW* from Elysium @ Vintage and Cool Fair – || Vintage Fair
  • || Hair:  Marilyn *NEW* from enVOGUE – || enVOGUE