#650-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Gossip girls…

Belt Up, Betty! Gossip girls...

“I don’t refer to it as ‘gossiping’, I prefer ‘sharing our opinions about other people’s life choices!!!!”

Thank you to gorgeous Gracey who was so very patient – Laugh as always – thank you – Check out Gracey’s blog HERE

On Gracey (r)

On Tempest (l)


#532-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Subdued…

Belt Up, Betty! Subdued...“Your priorities are your character”

#101-“Belt Up, Betty!”: Brainy..

|| Gizza

“Judge a man by his questions rather this his answers”  Voltaire
||  Skin:  Devine II *NEW* from Elysium- || Elysium
||  Hair:  Jessica *NEW* from enVOGUE – || enVOGUE
||  Jeans:  *NEW* Virginia Jeans from GizzA – || Gizza
||  Gillett:  Raw Hide Vest from ISON- || ISON
||  Top: Emery Claudia Striped Top from Emery – || Emery
||  Rucksack:  Tee*fy  Leather-Made Goat Head Backpack – || Tee*fy
With thanks to my good friend El for her inspirational styling concept and to Matt who enjoys standing around looking pretty !