#609-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Dream On….Vintage Fair 18

Belt Up, Betty! Dream on..“Dream on dreamer life gets in your way, If the life you live is a spinning top of pain then you can, Dream on dreamer life gets in your way, If ya live to learn you’ll be lucky one day”

  • Nagore” dress from BELLE EPOQUE
  • Elle” necklace/s from .::NANIKA.::
  • Jackie” Sunglasses from CAE
  • Moonlight and Martini” pose w/glass and cigarette glass from GINGERFISH
  • Moon” Manicure from CAZIMI NAILS
  • Hotsy Totsy” eyes and “Kiss Me” lips both from SHINY STUFFS
  • Script” Tattoo from WR
  • Alla” Earrings from .Z.




#601-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Waiting…

Belt Up, Betty! Waiting...“If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life” Oscar Wilde

#597-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Smile…

Belt Up, Betty! Smile...“Smile though your heart is aching, Smile even though it’s breaking, When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by, If you smile through your fear and sorrow, Smile and maybe tomorrow, You’ll see the sun come shining through for you” Nat King Cole

#585-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Vibrant…

Belt Up, Betty! Vibrant...“Because You Are Alive, Everything Is Possible”

#575-BELT UP, BETTY! Private Property….

Belt Up, Betty! Property of...“If I am a thief it’s because I’m private property”

#570-“BELT UP, BETTY!” April showers…

Belt Up, Betty! April showers...“She held chaos in her heart; but she would only open it up for someone who could understand her storm”

Taken at the most amazing TRALALA’S DINER

#564: “BELT UP, BETTY!” – Walking away…

Belt Up, Betty! Walking away...“I’m walking away from the troubles in my life”

Taken at the simply breathtaking NORDERNEY