#302-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Forbidden…

Belt Up, Betty! Forbidden...
“Teach me all those things I shouldn’t know”

A huge thank you to the wonderfully talented Kess Crystal and Cub Smit – who we had to force to come help out *not*!!

On Both:

On Tempest:

On Kess:

  • See Kess’s credits here

Kess’s Blog:  The Glamour Sauce
ub’s Blog:  Cub Blended Fashion

Taken on location at the stunning- [Blithe]


# 95 – “Belt Up, Betty!”: Lifted..

|| The Instruments

“There are many ways to experience love. It can feel like a knife in your back, or it can feel like you’re being lifted up by winged creatures towards a beautiful blinding light”

  • ||  *NEW* at THE INSTRUMENTS for November – *Whimsical Imaginarium* Goldfinch and pose from ‘*PosESioN* Side Set.
  • || Hair – *~*Damselfly*~*Gretchen *NEW* @ Fantasy Gacha – || Fantasy Gacha
|| The Instruments
|| The Instruments