#634-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Fly away…

Belt Up, Betty! Fly away...

“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven”  Shakespeare



#320-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Thankful…

Belt Up, Betty! Thankful ♥

Photographer – Kess Crystal


Okay – I admit it- I have huuuuge picture envy !   Those of you who know me well will tell you that I’m always doubting myself, I ask for feedback and I’m the worst/harshest critic on myself – so much so I’ve been known to bring myself down.  However, I’m not taking a ride on the pity train or fishing for compliments – I’m just telling you how I am and any of my friends will back me up with this.

My wonderful, talented friend, Kess Crystal, suggested doing something a little unusual for this blog for UC – she came to me and suggested that we took each others pic and blog them – so whilst this is me in the picture I’m not the photographer – Kess is!    What a great idea, I thought!!  You can see why Kess works in marketing and PR – she aces all of these ‘thinking outside the  box’ moments (me? I’m more of a sleeping inside the box, type of girl!).   Kess even announced it to the UC group suggesting it might work for other bloggers – Mr United Colors was all for it – which is very supporting!

Mine & Kess’s photography styles are very diverse – as mentioned before in an blog, I have very much an ‘editorial’ style and every one of Kess’s pictures has so much depth and tells a story.  My sister, Tessa, also has this skill – to be able to look at something and know what will work and what won’t.  I don’t have that skill, I might have a vision of what I want but it’ll take me a night to get it right,,or to find the right shot or, and usually, give up and tp back to my studio.

I applaud people who like Kess see’s something in places that I don’t – who can see the shot, the angle and isn’t afraid to take their time capturing it – something I also do a lot of is take my time (anyone having pics done with me will know this from experience) ! 🙂

Moral of this story is:  We are all different, all diverse and we bring different skills to the table and that’s what makes SL so very special.   I do have envy and have self doubt but I’m learning to embrace that as encouragement, ask for advise and help and just spend time pushing myself.   I will always have envy- when I look at Kess’s pic above, I see the warmth and composition – the pics tells a story and I so badly want those mad skills!! I am just blessed to have such talented friends/sister with superb skills that make us all very different.   However, we all have one linked skill and that is creativity!   Thank you, Kess ♥   #PicEnvy #GreenEyedMonster #Puffsoutchestinpride


The Particulars:

#318-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Take Heart…

Belt Up, Betty! Take Heart..


Life is a merry-go-round – up and downs, swings and roundabouts, peak and troughs – blah blah blah!   Times that by 100 and you have SLife – it’s non-stop, full on and whirls around even faster.

On all SL Social Media platforms, one topic has stood out regarding a disagreement between x 2 designers – regardless of if you’re interested it or not – it’s there on my SL Facebook and it seems that everyone has an opinion – as always.

I scroll by – personally, this isn’t what my SLfb is about and am not in a position to be judge/jury or executioner – so, yeh, I scroll on by and look at the pretty shiny new things I can buy or terrorise my friends on messenger – or, and mainly, look at the amazing talent that’s out there.

Kess Crystal and I are new(ish) friends and both being fellow brits we found we have similarities in both worlds and have just clicked – almost every other day the phrase ‘OMG we are so alike’ is uttered!   Kess has created a breathtakingly beautiful sim, Take Heart, with help of her friend Sady which is not only a photographers  dream it’s also a beautiful spot to chill out with friends, explore or, for the more romantically minded, take your loved one(or ones – this is SL after all!) for a date – it’s stunning so please, take some time to check it out.

Moral of this story is:  Don’t get caught up in other peoples crap!  RL deals us way too much of that so why would we want to have it in our SLives?   Take Heart  (see what I did there!!) and appreciate all the good stuff that’s out there – all the amazing creators regardless if they are just starting out and can only make a flower box (like me!!)or those that completely blow your socks off- in any genre around the grid.   #TakeHeart #NoCrap! #WorshipCreativity

The Particulars:
Taken at at the glorious Take Heart SIM
Kess’s Blog:  The Glamour Sauce



#237-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: HiHo Silver!! …

Belt Up, Betty! HiHo Silver!
 “Sweet as Sugar, Hard as Ice, Hurt me Once, I’ll Shoot you Twice!”   Cowgirl Wisdom 101

#155-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Country Gal…

Belt Up, Betty! Country Gal..“Sweet as sugar, Hard as ice, Hurt me once, I’ll shoot you twice!!”

#50 – “Belt Up, Betty!”: Shelter [PENUMBRA Fashion Week]

|| Shelter“Be true to yourself. Make each day a masterpiece. Help others. Drink deeply from good books. Make friendship a fine art. Build a shelter against a rainy day”  John Wooden

  • || Skin: Elysium – Devine:  || Elysium
  • || Hair:  little bones. West Coast:  || || Little Bones
  • || Outfit:* PENUMBRA FASHION WEEK EXCLUSIVE* – Outfit by Shine by [ZD] –  Lilly Mesh Shorts/Nica Mesh Denim/Mae Mesh Sandals:  || Penumbra

|| Penumbra


On Steve:

  • || Skin:  Rupert – NIVARO:  || Nivaro
  • || Beanie : Ribbed beanie – Argrace:  || Argrace
  • || Tshirt:  Halcyon Tee – Fruk:  || Fruk
  • ||  Jeans: Casual Jeans M4 – Kal rau:  || Kal Rau
  • ||  Shoes:  Moroccan – JD:  || JD