#653-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Eyes wide shut…

Belt Up, Betty! Eyes wide shut.

“You don’t need to explain your dreams.  They belong to me”



#652-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Exotic…

Belt Up, Betty! Exotic

“Wanderlust consumer her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.
She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown”


#651-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Reflect…

Belt Up, Betty! Reflect...“Take care of your inner, spiritual beauty. That will reflect in your face.”

Taken at the breathtaking ACHILL ISLAND

#650-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Gossip girls…

Belt Up, Betty! Gossip girls...

“I don’t refer to it as ‘gossiping’, I prefer ‘sharing our opinions about other people’s life choices!!!!”

Thank you to gorgeous Gracey who was so very patient – Laugh as always – thank you – Check out Gracey’s blog HERE

On Gracey (r)

On Tempest (l)

#649-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Horsepower…

Belt Up, Betty! Horsepower...

“Heartpower is stronger than Horsepower!”

  • Infamous” Dress/Bra/Panties from CANIMAL currently at POCKETSHOP
  • Justice” hair currently from  LITTLE BONES
  • Glasses” from Elysium (not available anymore)
  • Monza” belted boots from [GOS] BOUTIQUE
  • Visenya” Bento rings from CODEX
  • Alessa” Skin from *LEAGUE*
  • Greer” bento mesh head from [LELUTKA]
  • Lara” body from MAITREYA

#648-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Game over…!

Belt Up, Betty! |Game Over..!“Play the game for more than you can afford to lose… only then will you learn the game”


#647-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Patriot…

Belt Up, Betty! Patriot...

“I’m a patriot of the heart”