|| About Me

Second Life will always be an extension of ‘me’ – of course, I’m not 10ft tall and built like the hottest supermodel that ever walked the planet (no really!) – however, over the years that I’ve been in world I’ve had the privilege to meet some amazing people!   Not just good, solid friends – but some of the most creative, ambitious and talented individuals, who’s skill, desire and drive never seem to amaze me – constantly!

My passion for all things fashion has always been part of me, however, it wasn’t until 2007 when I started to think about modelling and joined various Academy’s to enhance my knowledge – to this day, some of those fellow students who I met along the way are still my good friends.    My modelling career has been varied and fun, however, I also enjoy being behind the scenes either Fashion Directing, Hosting, Stylist and Mentoring.

Photography has always been a huge part of my real life so it was only natural to explore everything that Second Life has to offer.   I’ve been fortunate enough to have some great friends who have spent hours with me teaching and showing varied techniques and skills.  I am mostly self taught and still have so much to learn – Photography/Photoshop tutorials and websites are scattered through-out my bookmarks!   I hope you enjoy what I’ve produced and any feedback is highly welcome.

It just leaves me to say a big thank you for taking the opportunity to visit my site and, please, all constructive feedback is welcome.

Warmest wishes – Tempest


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