#538-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Rescue me…

Belt Up, Betty! Rescue me...
“Won’t you come and rescue me? I’m far away from what I need Help me now, I’m way too deep Save my life, rescue me”


#537-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Loving arms…

Belt Up, Betty! Loving arms...“You put your arms around me and I’m home”

Again, thank you to my gorgeous hubby, Q, for posing with me and trying ‘other’ poses !!! LOL ♥

#536-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Stepping out…

Belt Up, Betty! Stepping out...“Life begins when you step outside your comfort zone….apparently!”

Taken at the breathtaking NEVERFAR

#535-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Wedding night….

Belt Up, Betty! Wedding Night...“One half of me is yours, the other half yours, Mine own, I would say; but if mine, then yours, And so all yours”
The Merchant of Venice – William Shakespeare.

#534-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Showgirls…

Belt Up, Betty! Showgirls...
“Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl, With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there,  She would merengue and do the cha-cha, And while she tried to be a star”

Jumped at the chance to work again with Gracey  – always lots of laughs and giggles!! Check out her blog HERE

Moi (l):

Gracey (r):

  • Shake Your Tail Feather” Bodice/Feathers/Bustle/Corset (part of set) all from THE ANNEX currently at POCKET GACHA
  • Slow Dancer” hair from EXILE currently at COLL88
  • Arcadia” from EMPYREAN FORGE
  • Bohemia” and rings from YUMMY
  • Lona” Bento head from  Catwa
  • Lara” Maitreya– Mesh Body

Pose – “Showgirls” from FOXCITY

#353-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Whitewash….

Belt Up, Betty! Whitewash...” Whitewash and platitudes are all I can find”

Thank you to the gorgeous Ko Kumel allowing me to grab him and strip him for this post!!

#532-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Subdued…

Belt Up, Betty! Subdued...“Your priorities are your character”