#332-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Curious..

Belt Up, Betty! Curious <with Wicca Merlin>

“The future belongs to the curious”

Tempest (left):
  • Anais” Lingerie from Blacklace
  • Juliett” Gloves/Mask/Shoes/Choker and “Noelle” necklace currently from RealEvil Industries currently at The Epiphany (Noelle not at Epiphany but can be found instore)
  • Lab004” Hair from  Boon
  • Communique” Earrings from Empyrean Forge
Wicca (Right):
  • Anais” Lingerie from Blacklace
  • “Lido” from [SYS]
  • “Annik” hair from EMO-tions
  • Fur sleeves from Cashmere
  • Eyeshadow from Zibska
  • “Bottlebrush” shoes from Empire
Always love taking pictures with Wicca Merlin from  Wicca’s Wardrobe – not just a fab designer, but amazing photographer and blogger too – check out Fashion Addicted.    However, more importantly she a constant friend and confident – wouldn’t be without her ♥♥

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