#326-“BELT UP, BETTY!” The calm…

Belt Up, Betty! The calm...


I’m currently typing this eating banana cake !   So much excess food around at this time of the year – and drink!   So this week, on Friday, we have my works infamous Christmas office party.   I say infamous because it’s notoriously rowdy with lots of gossip which fuels us all year !!  As a company we’ve been banned from hotels, halls and sport hall – however, over the last few years it’s been a lot calmer (slightly, a little, well kinda!).  The company I work for are wonderfully generous at the party – sit down three course meal and free bar from 7pm until 1am!   Hence why it’s so notorious !!   I know over the years I’ve tried to be a little more sensible – try and ‘pace’ myself to ensure that I have a good time.    We all get on so well within our team that it’s guaranteed and  I’m really looking forward to it – however, I’ve planned to do nothing on Saturday because I have a feeling I will be ‘under the weather’!

The moral of this story is – enjoy your festive times, try not to stress too much (it’s easy I know!), but a little bit of what you fancy is good for you.  If you fancy a tipple or two,,then go for it.  If you fancy that big piece of Christmas cake then have it.   As long as you don’t do it every day then a little of what you fancy isn’t going to harm you !!   I’m not a huge drinker but I know that I’ll have a good time on Friday night (hopefully there won’t be pictures!) but then I probably won’t drink over the Christmas period!!   Everything in moderation is okay – I promise ! #WhatToWear #FancyThat #ChristmasParty #DidIReallyDoThatLastNightOrDidIDreamIt!

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