#325-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Through hoops…

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Belt Up, Betty! Through Hoops...


Why is it,,,that everyone wants to see you ‘before Christmas’?   We need to get together ‘before Christmas’ – this pressure that we need to see our nearest and dearest before the end of the year is so very silly really.    I mean, what difference does it make if we see friends and family on the 23rd December or the 23rd January – it’s still lovely to see them all year round isn’t it?     I’ve had three text messages over the course of the weekend asking just that – let’s get together ‘before Christmas’ – so the next two weeks are nuts for me and, maybe I’m being a bit of a bah humbug, but I’ve also put some people off until the new year – for something to look forward too.    I mean – at this rate, I’ve be a rolling out of bed Christmas Day due to all the excess food I’ve consumed!!!   But- for all my whinging, I do enjoy it – I just wish I had more hours in the day !!

The moral of this story – The festive season is a joyful affair and it’s about spending time with our nearest and dearest during this time of the year.   However, let’s make an effort all year around – how many of us have those conversations when we meet people we’ve not seen for a while who’s first line is ‘Wow.  I’ve not seen you since Christmas!’.   My new year resolution is to see people more often – to make an effort – not just once a year.   #JumpingThroughHoops, #RollingOutOBed, #ILoveItReally

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