#322-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Warhorse…

Belt Up, Betty! Warhorse...


Horses!   A passion of mine since walking and I have been fortunate to ride horses from a toddler.  My mother hated it,,,always – right up until the day she passed away – she always saw the danger and the risks.  My father recognised it was a passion that it wasn’t going to go away and that was the balance to my mothers negativity.  Dad was the one that took me to lessons and encouraged me to push myself a little further.    Don’t get me wrong, I was never spoilt as a child, nor was I privileged – my father would tell that they had to ‘copper up’ to afford for my lessons -because it meant that they gave me something that they knew I loved without reservation.

Unfortunately, I have suffered awful issues with my sacroiliac joint (in my lower back) which meant that I had to stop riding for a long while – three years to be exact and I miss it dreadfully,  when I tried riding earlier this year, I was in agony – it was heartbreaking.   The good news is that I’ve been told that by next year I should be able to get ‘back in the saddle’ – I’ve been having some treatment which has helped so very much and my core muscles have strengthened – it’s definitely a wonderful thought and it makes me smile a lot!!

Moral of this story:  Never give up on your dreams! Ever – if it means a lot to you, then push yourself and make changes if you are able. Make 2017 a year of change and embrace those challenges that have stopped you in the past – I know it’s not always easy but where you can make change, it’s so very rewarding.  #backinthesaddle, #makechange, #2017IsGoingToBeEpic

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