“Happy Christmas” ♥♥♥

♥♥ Happy Christmas ♥♥

and fondest best wishes for 2017.
I’ll be taking a break from blogging over the festive period and then going away on vacation for a week in January – back to normal w/c 9th Jan 2017
Q and I would love to take this opportunity to say Happy Christmas to you and yours !  Enjoy !! See you next year !! ♥




#327-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Starlight, Starbright

Belt Up, Betty! Starlight, Starbright...


I wasn’t very bright over the weekend !   We had our infamous office party and needless to say it was as epic with many of us doing the ‘Walk of Shame’ this morning walking into the office.   It was a great night (I think!) with everyone up for celebrating success – however, as I still was feeling very jaded yesterday I have to ask myself if it was worth over indulging.  Time will tell !!   Over indulgence is a part of this silly season – however, I really plan to get so ‘tipsy’!!

The moral of this story is ,,,note to self, Rachel- you don’t always have to be the life and soul of the party !

The particulars:
  • Jewel from Amara Skins
  • Amber Corset from Black Haus
  • Holly Collar from Tapi
  •  Pointsetta Hair Adoness
  • Particles-  Ice Queen Particle Set from Coles Corner

#327-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Ice Ice Baby !

Belt Up, Betty! Ice Ice Baby...



I feel the screw tightening and the pressure building as we race towards the festive period – it’s horrid and exciting and horrid at the same time!!  So many people to see, so many cards to finish writing – let alone trying to hold down extremely busy full time job – however, SL is my sanctuary and  blogging/picture taking is my life-saver, it’s relaxing and I hope you enjoy my latest offering ♥

The moral of this story – take a breath and relax in anyway you know how ♥   #AndBreathe #NearlyThere #Chillax

The particulars
Everything below you’ll find at the wonderfully enchanting  WINTER SOLSTICE
  • “KALT” Crown from  [SYS]
  • “Lana” Snowflake Bodice & Thigh High Boots both from !DM
  • “Ice Blast” from Purple Moon
  • “Cursed” Make up from Slack Girl
  • “Shalyn” View from Codex



#326-“BELT UP, BETTY!” The calm…

Belt Up, Betty! The calm...


I’m currently typing this eating banana cake !   So much excess food around at this time of the year – and drink!   So this week, on Friday, we have my works infamous Christmas office party.   I say infamous because it’s notoriously rowdy with lots of gossip which fuels us all year !!  As a company we’ve been banned from hotels, halls and sport hall – however, over the last few years it’s been a lot calmer (slightly, a little, well kinda!).  The company I work for are wonderfully generous at the party – sit down three course meal and free bar from 7pm until 1am!   Hence why it’s so notorious !!   I know over the years I’ve tried to be a little more sensible – try and ‘pace’ myself to ensure that I have a good time.    We all get on so well within our team that it’s guaranteed and  I’m really looking forward to it – however, I’ve planned to do nothing on Saturday because I have a feeling I will be ‘under the weather’!

The moral of this story is – enjoy your festive times, try not to stress too much (it’s easy I know!), but a little bit of what you fancy is good for you.  If you fancy a tipple or two,,then go for it.  If you fancy that big piece of Christmas cake then have it.   As long as you don’t do it every day then a little of what you fancy isn’t going to harm you !!   I’m not a huge drinker but I know that I’ll have a good time on Friday night (hopefully there won’t be pictures!) but then I probably won’t drink over the Christmas period!!   Everything in moderation is okay – I promise ! #WhatToWear #FancyThat #ChristmasParty #DidIReallyDoThatLastNightOrDidIDreamIt!

The particulars

#325-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Through hoops…

Belt Up, Betty! Through Hoops...


Why is it,,,that everyone wants to see you ‘before Christmas’?   We need to get together ‘before Christmas’ – this pressure that we need to see our nearest and dearest before the end of the year is so very silly really.    I mean, what difference does it make if we see friends and family on the 23rd December or the 23rd January – it’s still lovely to see them all year round isn’t it?     I’ve had three text messages over the course of the weekend asking just that – let’s get together ‘before Christmas’ – so the next two weeks are nuts for me and, maybe I’m being a bit of a bah humbug, but I’ve also put some people off until the new year – for something to look forward too.    I mean – at this rate, I’ve be a rolling out of bed Christmas Day due to all the excess food I’ve consumed!!!   But- for all my whinging, I do enjoy it – I just wish I had more hours in the day !!

The moral of this story – The festive season is a joyful affair and it’s about spending time with our nearest and dearest during this time of the year.   However, let’s make an effort all year around – how many of us have those conversations when we meet people we’ve not seen for a while who’s first line is ‘Wow.  I’ve not seen you since Christmas!’.   My new year resolution is to see people more often – to make an effort – not just once a year.   #JumpingThroughHoops, #RollingOutOBed, #ILoveItReally

The Particulars:

#324-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Underneath the tree…

Belt Up, Betty! Underneath the tree...


This week, has been nuts! I think I did mention that before somewhere earlier in the week.   We finally finished decorating the office for the departmental decorating competition – where I am sure we are breaking every Health and Safety violation there is!!  It was fun, although some late nights too – this is how committed we are to winning.   I spent hours cutting out paper snowflakes and hanging them on ribbon, making flames from felt for paper fireplaces, twisting pipe-cleaners together to make candy canes to hang from the ceiling.    My boss, who hates Christmas with a passion, ended up making four cardboard reindeer heads which we tied to the pillars.  It really was a team effort and I think that was the key.  Whilst there’s 20 of us and we all work very individually – decorating the office was an interesting exercise in who came out to the be natural leaders, who were happy to be ordered around and those couple (and there where only two) who didn’t want anything to do with it – however, will be happy enough to take the praise.

The moral of this story is – sometimes a little bit of fun in the workplace can lift spirits.  The company I work has this mantra of ‘Work Smarter, Play Harder’ – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  Some just want to come in, do their job and then go home – the ‘plodders’, however, without the plodders of the workplace, there would be no balance, those are the people that keep harmony and consistency whilst everyone is flying around in a blind panic.   So, never be critical of those that never want to take part – they are the ones that are answering your phones, whilst you’re hanging snowflakes from the ceiling!  Without them, you would be up and down that ladder like a yo-yo – so remember, horses for courses, not everyone is the same #NoMoreSnowflakes, #IsItEasterYet? #EveryoneHasAPlace

The Particulars


#323-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Festive…

Belt Up, Betty! Festive...


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!   So the song goes.    For once I’m actually organised – my presents are wrapped and labelled, however,  I just have to do the hated Christmas Cards – it’s my worst job,,,ever !!   If I had my way I wouldn’t write any but my elderly father feels it’s the ‘right’ thing to do so I have to write his for him.   Am sure he’s more than capable of doing it himself but he gives me the puppy eyes and I always,,,ALWAYS end up writing them !!   Bigger fool me !

Today was the day we started to decorate to office as work (as mentioned this is year competition of best dressed department which we are mandatory to win!) – I walked in the door at 8pm tonight after spending three hours sewing (yes,,you heard me correctly) cotton wool balls onto pieces of nylon thread to look like snow hanging from the window frames – to say I’ve lost my Christmas spirit (just for today mind you!) is an understatement!!   We did have a giggle though – couple of glasses of Proscetto and all was good !!

Moral of this story is – Love it or hate it (or however you celebrate (or don’t celebrate) at this time of year) the festive period is upon and you can’t escape it even if you wanted too – it’s everywhere!!    I embrace Christmas – I have wonderful Christmas memories from childhood which have continued to grow with every Christmas bringing a new memory.  Today’s memory will be about Cotton Wool Balls!!    #NoMoreBalls #BahHumbug #ChristmasYay!

The Particulars: