#321-“BELT UP, BETTY!” The calm…..

Belt Up, Betty! The Calm...


It’s official – I’m broke already !!   I only got paid a week ago and most of my salary has either been spent or it’s allocated to something.    I LOVE Christmas but omgolly, I have every respect for those of you that start planning early!   The company where I work is running a competition for the best decorated department – and it’s mandatory to win!!!   So – no expectations there then !?   We decided on a white winter wonderland theme and 20 of us are staying late next Monday to put in the two hours extra work to get it all up. Someone came up with the idea of cotton wall balls hanging on twine – about 10 to a strand – to put in the windows.  Yes- that’s lovely apart from the fact that we need 2000 cotton wool balls!!  So not only is it time consuming, it’s also expensive !   Ugg – I’m sounding like Scrooge – I’m not, I adore Christmas and love this time of year.  Everyone seems to be running around like a headless chicken.  However, it will be all worth it – without a doubt.

Moral of the story is:  All good intentions don’t always work – some for the best, some for the worse – but it’s not through lack of time and effort that they fail.   Sometimes, it’s just meant to be and it’s fate.   We have an amazing vision to get our office to look the best and for my department to win the competition – however, we have some tough competition, especially from our Human Resources team (I mean, seriously?  Don’t they have any work to do !!! giggles).   This time of year is all about getting into the spirit of however you celebrate and whatever you celebrate this time of year – forget your woes for a little while, embrace your childhood and just enjoy! #HoHoHo #ImNoScrooge #CanSomeoneLendMeaFiver?

The Particulars:

  • Sua” from Elegance Boutique
  • Yves” Heels from :::NOIR:::
                                                    BOTH CURRENTLY AT U L T R A ™
  • Juxta” from .shi
  • “My Cute Big Glasses” from AMD



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