#319-“BELT UP, BETTY!”-Time out…

Belt Up, Betty! Time Out...


I had interesting day at RL work yesterday!   I manage people as part of my role and, of course, have to deal with all sorts of HR (personnel) issues.  I’ve had all sorts of people issues in my time and whilst I am always professional, it’s hard sometimes not to vocalise what I actually think and have do it the HR ‘way’ – which is always carried out emphatically.   Now don’t get me wrong, I am a great listener and extremely emphatic but there are times when you do want to shake someone by the shoulders and say “What part of physically striking out at Joe did you think was okay?”!!!   So,,back to my interesting day – I had a catch up with my manager who told me that I was too ‘feisty’ and that I need to, on occasion, be aware of the impression that I’m giving.    My argument was that if someone is rude to me or talks to me like I’m a piece of shit then am not likely to take that lying down.  I won’t cause a scene but I will privately say ‘Drop the attitude’ or ‘Who do you think you’re talking too’  – which, according to my manager, is being feisty ! Apparently wearing ‘kid gloves’ and approach with an empathetic ear to try and understand why that person feels that way  is the way forward and I get that and I’m switched on enough to know if it’s a work/stress issue – years of experience of managing people makes your perceptive clearer and you can usually tell if someone is under pressure or having issues outside work.   However – when someone is rude to me or talks down to me – then, of course, I’m likely to say something – so how is that ‘feisty’?  Sighs

The moral of this story is:   Why is it not acceptable to be direct, in a diplomatic way of course?  Why do we always have to wander around on tender-hooks so we don’t upset anyone?   In a professional arena, why do we have to go with  (what we call in the workplace) ‘shit sandwiches’  Praise/Areas to Improve/Praise – so, for instance, “Rach your communication skills are wonderful, however your spelling is awful, but we love that you take time to do this” – see where I’m coming from?    Personally, I would rather someone be direct with me – but, maybe that’s just how I am!  #feistyisme #Shitsandwiches #Truth hurts

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2 thoughts on “#319-“BELT UP, BETTY!”-Time out…

  1. I am totally with you Tempe.. I prefer and do it the same way.. direct but polite, even if sometimes it makes you loose ‘friends’ as they cannot take a direct opinion if they do not like it and call you rude. But at the end of the day I can look into the mirror and tell myself I was honest, which makes life waymore easy 😉

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