#316-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Goddess…

Belt Up, Betty! Goddess...

So, when you’re not having a good day or good week – or year even – what do you do to make yourself feel better?   What makes you smile?   For me,,a quick fix is a pamper!  I rarely spend money on myself but this month I decided to go all out – get my nails done, nice hair cut and some colour put through.  However, instead of going for the ‘quick trim’ that I had planned too – I had a complete style overhaul!  I went from having nice shoulder length brown curls to very short geometric style cut with balayage blonde colour put through. To say it’s a complete change of appearance for me would be understatement but, you know, I felt like a million pounds!!  A Goddess as I walked out of the salon doors.

Moral of this story is – treat yourself, be kind to yourself.  You don’t need to pay a fortune like I did for major pamper session – just give yourself a treat once in a while – whether it be a new lipstick, aftershave, manicure or full on make out – be kind to you !   Can be as simple as having a nice hot bath or treating yourself to that fabulous bottle of wine or curry takeaway.    Be kind, enjoy and treat yourself.  #giveyourselfabreak

The Particulars:




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