#315-“BELT UP, BETTY!” Where is the love…?

Belt Up, Betty! Where is the love?
“Whatever happened to the values of humanity, Whatever happened to the fairness and equality, Instead of spreading love we’re spreading animosity, Lack of understanding, leading us away from unity”  The Black Eyed Peas


The last few days have been horrid – doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in you can not have failed to notice the hate and discontentment going on.    I don’t know where this all stems from – all this hate.  I suspect that social media has a lot to answer for – we’re all easily enraged by something we’ve read or seen – we’re all reactive (I’m as guilty as the next person!).  But where does it lead us ?  What does it achieve?

It’s not only in the US, on the other side on the pond, us Brits recently went through the same thing when we had to vote in or out of the European Union (aka Brexit).  It felt so different to voting for government or a member of parliament in every way possible.   Brexit was different, everyone felt differently.   Conversations in the workplace turned nasty, conversations around the dinner table got out of control and even families felt the pressure.    My father always told me – “Never discuss politics or religion, Rachel  as everyone has a right to an opinion and whilst healthy debate is of course encouraged, you need to respect the other persons view”.   So during this difficult time in GB, when asked which way I voted or my thoughts I just gave the same generic answer “It’s not something I want to discuss, it’s personal”.   To this day, I don’t know which way my family voted, my close friends, my work colleagues because, basically, it’s none of my business.    However, when the subject has come up in conversation, I’ve been respectful and listened to their views because, at the end of the day, they have a right to their opinion.   I choose not to share mine in such circumstances – my choice.

I guess the moral of this story is the word ‘Respect’ – we need to do more of it, we need to embrace it, we need to acknowledge it and we need to accept that we’re all different.  Turning against each other isn’t the answer- we all need each other and it’s about moving forward.  Hard as it is, those are the next steps.  #whereisthelove

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