#272-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Queens.. (with Wicca Merlin).

Belt Up, Betty! Queens...

“Find your inner Lioness, Find your inner Rawrrrr”

  • Passione: Leo Print & Lace Bra Set from Blacklace

Huge thank you to one of my great friends in SL, Wicca Merlin – Wic and I go ‘way’ back to the years of  the SL dinosaurs and have enjoyed a fun friendship for the longest time.   Never fails to make me laugh – and a real confidant and not to say SUPER talented- check out Wicca’s Wardrobe !! 




One thought on “#272-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Queens.. (with Wicca Merlin).

  1. I just can second all you wrote, as i feel absolute the same way. I can’t even remeber when it was in the past that we met, so it must have been forever since we know each other. I am so happy our ways crossed, as I would not wanna miss you and all the great time we had and as well have till today 😉 I am looking forward to many more great moments and talk full of fun and joy. Long live and last the dinosaurs! *snickers and hugs* Wicca

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