#206 – “BELT UP, BETTY!” Fresh….

Belt Up, Betty! Fresh...

It’s not often I get the opportunity to blog furnishing or household items even though, ask anyone who knows me, decor is one of my favourite past-times.  Imagine how honoured I was to be asked to blog the new DUTCHIE colorchange kitchen which is out in store today.    My gorgeous boyfriend, Enrique was super encouraging and thought we should,  of course, put the kitchen through it’s paces *coughs*.  As always, the quality of design and animations are outstanding.

Belt Up, Betty! Fresh...

Dutchie’s corner kitchen includes everything seen in the pictures: cabinets, fridge, cooker and all decoration like pots, bottles, plates, clock and lamp.

The kitchen’s wood is changeable into 6 colors, the stove into 9 colors, undependable from each other, so you have a lot of options. Colors, security, poses and facial expressions can be adjusted under the ADJUST menu. The lamp and clock each have 3 colors to choose from.

Belt Up, Betty! Fresh...

The set comes linked for easy placement, but all pots, pans and other items and their shadows can be unlinked for more decorational options. The chimney can be adjusted separately, to better fit your home. Only the clock and lamp are not linked. All decoration is for sale separately as well.

Belt Up, Betty! Fresh...

PG: The pg version has 10 solo and 40 couple animations and over 40 wearable items and rezzing scenes. A lot of the couple animations are playable solo as well.    ADULT: The adult kitchen has 10 solo and 90 couple animations, 5 sequences and over 40 wearable items and rezzing scenes. A lot of the couple animations are playable solo as well. The adult kitchen is Aeros compatible for automatic tilting.

Belt Up, Betty! Fresh...

FULLY AUTOMATIC ATTACHING OF PROPS – If you have the AVsitter experience enabled on your land and in your avatar’s settings, the kitchen’s props will automatically attach to your avatar, without asking permission. To enable the experience of fully automatic attaching, AVsitter experience has to be enabled in both the land settings and your own. Watch this tutorial video for more info:

Belt Up, Betty! Fresh

Land impact PG kitchen: 30 prims
Land impact adult kitchen: 31 prims
Lamp: 3 prims
Clock: 3 prims

Mod and copy.
100% original mesh.
Materials applied.

Belt Up, Betty! Fresh...

Enjoy!! ❤
Dutchie Adult
Dutchie Furniture
Dutchie Marketplace


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