#150-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: On top of the world…

Belt Up, Betty! Top of the World...

“This whole world is wild at heart and weird on top” – David Lynch


#149-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Whimsical…

 I’ve learned to respect the whimsical”  Michael Leunig

  •  ||  Dress:  Hamza from MOLiCHiNO at The Instruments
  •  ||  Hair:  Gretchen from  Damselfly
  •  ||  Headpiece:  The Flower Field Crow from Olive

#148: “BELT UP, BETTY!” Bad driving…

Belt Up, Betty! Bad driving..

“You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said ‘Parking Fine.'”
Tommy Cooper

Image captured at Ironwood Hills

Ironwood HIlls – Flickr – Perfect for photographers and appreciators of wonderfully styled Sims ! ❤

#147: “BELT UP, BETTY!”: Fierce…

Belt Up, Betty!  Fierce...

 “Although she be little, she is fierce!” William Shakespeare

 On Tempest (Right)

  •  ||  Dress:  Agony Dress by Wicca’s Wardrobe in black @ The Instruments
  •  ||  Headpiece:   Kandira Headpiece by Wicca’s Wardrobe in silver @ The Instruments
  •  ||  Shoes (on Tess):  Mannon Spiked Heels by Wicca’s Wardrobe @ The Instruments
  •  ||  Hair: Tyka from [sYs} @ Hair Fair @ Hair Fair

For my gorgeous sister, Tessa’s, styling credit and fabulous blog – check out the link below:

Steals, Deals & SLSims Appeal – Tessa Rosa


#146 – “BELT UP, BETTY!” Sister love…

Belt Up, Betty! Sister Love...

 “Side by side or miles apart, we’re still sisters connected by the heart”

For my stunningly talented sisters credit & blog – please click here:

Tessa Rosca – “Steals Deal & SL Sim Appeal” Blog



#145 – “BELT UP, BETTY!”: Come away with me….

Belt Up, Betty! Come away with me...

Is not often I get the opportunity to blog something other than fashion – however, I am so VERY excited and thrilled to be given the opportunity to take pictures and, more importantly, get to play with this wonderful racing boat created by SINPLICITY – ‘ THE LIBELLE’  – she is a complete and utter beauty !!!


My talented friends Ko, Vicky and Linn have spent months creating the perfect 2-seating racing boat which is based on the vintage 1950’s Berlin III – the boat comes with a HUD where you can change skin and interior design – with an option to pick up more once you’ve purchased the boat – most of which are free of charge!!

LibelleIf you love sailing or just something that looks unbelievably classy and different to what’s currently out there, then I encourage you to check out the link below on MP or go to the store and pick up a demo – try before you can buy!  Libelle by Sinplicity on MP

Boat1sSpecifications below:

*** BevaV8 ***
The Libelle uses an all new, low-lag, script engine specifically designed for racing. It has adaptive steering which means you will get tight turns at speed with realistic drift. Sim crossing causes minimal problems and you get rocking motion when mored.

*** Textures ***
The boat comes with a texture hud which enables you to change the seats, dashboard, steering wheel, badges and overall livery with a single click.
You get 10 racing liveries with this hud. Updated huds with additional liveries will be available at our inworld store for free.

*** Additional features ***
There are working dials for speed and RPM. Hud mode displays your selected gear and speed in Knots as hover text over the back of the boat or over the dashboard if you are in mouselook.
There is a separate pose menu which allows you to relax on the boat, sunbath, watch a race or celibate a win.
So that you can display your Libelle, it comes with a dolly of the type used by boat museums. Just rez your boat over land and type ‘dolly’.
Race mode gives the boat an ID which can be used by popular race systems.

The boat consists of 40 mesh parts and has a land impact of 30.

144-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Stumble and Fall…

Belt Up, Betty! I Stumbled...

“Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast”  William Shakespeare

  •  ||  Dress *NEW* Clementine from Dead Dollz @ Mesh Avenue
  •  ||  Hair *NEW* GWEN from [sYs] @ Hair Fair
  •  ||  Necklace *NEW* Tesoro del Luna from Empyrean Forge @ Indie Teepee
  •  ||  Skin appliers *NEW* Aneko skin from Elysium